How to build change capability without training

How to build change capability without training

Building change capability is ultimately the goal of organisations. Most businesses aspire to be fast-moving, transformative and agile. With the increasing speed of change, organisations need to have the capability to respond accordingly. The speed in which...

Why measuring change is not an activity

Why measuring change is not an activity

Measuring change is no longer a nice-to-have.  It’s a must-have for a lot of organisations.  A lot of stakeholders are now demanding to see and understand what is happening in the world of change.  With the enhanced volume of change and therefore the increased...

How to measure change saturation

How to measure change saturation

Covid has amongst other things brought on an accelerated change agenda for a lot of organisations.  What were previously thought to be 1 to 5 year horizons of change suddenly became an immediate change.  Not only is working from home a norm for a...

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