Change Management Analytics


Utilise powerful visualisations of the impacts of change on different parts of the business.  See key risks in balancing business capacity and performance.  Take action based on system-generated insights.

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The system of action that takes you from data to breakthrough results by change management analytics

A holistic picture of change in one platform through change management analytics

Capture all types of change initiatives of change from BAU, regulatory, system and people changes all in one platform. Find out what experiences your employees or customers will be going through. Identify change saturation points. Better package change roll out to maximize adoption.

Act for maximum business impact

Leverage action planning module to easily pin-point change saturation risk and zoom in on business risks. Select roll out activities and initiatives that could be better sequenced using system intelligence.

Drive results through insights and action

Lead stakeholder decisions that are data-based and lead to better business performance.

Agile organisations managing complex have turned to
The Change Compass

Customer Testimonials

I imagine that some Change Compass clients use the software just to collect stakeholder impact info.


But for us, it is the power of the data analytics tools and visuals that informs our path forward strategy to successful outcomes.




Doug Wanamaker
Change Leader, Nisource

The Change Compass has been an invaluable tool that has helped us plan and manage change. The automated reports have been a game changer for our team and organization.


With excellent customer support, implementation was seamless. The Change Compass is a powerful tool that has interest from the highest levels in our organization and is used to make strategic decisions




Christian Dee

The Change Compass is a unique, simple to use tool aimed at helping businesses understand impacts to people and their customers.


It helps us capture and report impacts using a range of easy to use reporting and provides key data for us to make critical governance decisions about initiative sequencing and prioritisation




Ross Jeffery
Insurance Australia Group

I was very impressed by The Change Compass tool. I found the experience simple, user friendly and easy to set up for our business.


The reports were meaningful and revealing, allowing for great conversations, insights and decision making. Highly recommended to those who wish to deliver change successfully into their business.




Trisha Smith
Insurance Australia Group

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