Change Compass – Change management software

Track your entire change portfolio whilst managing every detail

  • Save 10-20% of performance dips
  • Pinpoint and resolve change saturation
  • Create adoption and readiness dashboards in a few clicks

Change and enablement teams use The Change Compass to:

Save $1M+ in revenue through better customer experience

Get insight on change capacity to avoid business performance disruption

Increase efficiencies through simple forecasting

The features that teams love:

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Smart charting

Use ready-made chart layouts to visualise the metrics that matter

Change templates

Set up a customised project view and add documents, plans and tracking tools

Data collection tools

Use templates or create surveys with ready-made charts

Automated insights

Ask data questions and get instant answers with AI

Get your data questions answered in real time


Ask using natural language to get data-backed answers. Whether you want to pull the right data or do analysis use AI to save time.

Answer the toughest questions from your stakeholders immediately.

Save time and analyst resources.


Find out where your targeted stakeholders are in their change adoption

Get insights on where your initiative adoption is missing the mark.

Zoom in on stakeholder readiness responses or key targeted behaviours. Find out what needs to be pivoted to course-correct adoption.

Use templates or easily build your surveys to sense-check your stakeholders.


Address change saturation hotspots


Use our ready-made charts to look at potential change saturation hotspots. Drill into the data to find out why and for whom.

Get system recommendations on how to better sequence and prioritise initiatives to protect business performance. Show your stakeholders alternative scenarios that are better options.


A few of our Customers

These brands trust us as the partner in their change journey

Customer Testimonials

“The Change Compass has been an invaluable tool that has helped us plan and manages change. The automated reports have been a game changer for our team and organization. With excellent customer support, implementation was seamless. The Change Compass is a powerful tool that has interest from the highest levels in our organization and is used to make strategic decisions.”

Christian Dee

“I was very impressed by The Change Compass tool. I found the experience simple, user friendly and easy to set up for our business. The reports were meaningful and revealing, allowing for great conversations, insights and decision-making. Highly recommended to those who wish to deliver change successfully into their business.”

Trisha Smith
Insurance Australia Group

“The Change Compass is a unique, simple to use tool aimed at helping businesses understand impacts to people and their customers. It helps us capture and report impacts using a range of easy to use reporting and provides key data for us to make critical governance decisions about initiative sequencing and prioritisation”

Ross Jeffery
Insurance Australia Group

“I imagine that some Change Compass clients use the software just to collect stakeholder impact info. But for us, it is the power of the data analytics tools and visuals that informs our path forward strategy to successful outcomes.“

Doug Wanamaker
Change Leader, Nisource

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