Change Automator

Improve change initiative outcomes through data and AI

Leverage the power of AI to speed up change delivery.  Boost stakeholder confidence in driving change outcomes through analytics and insights.

Change Automator

Save weeks of manual work in documenting stakeholder details with automation


Leverage from a range of best practice change deliverable templates, including agile change templates such as Change Canvas and Change Scoping.  Let AI do the legwork in generating content for you.


Change Automator

Show ultimate change progress

Design your change adoption dashboard to track progress toward targets. Integrate data on change readiness, stakeholder feedback and demonstrable adoption metrics in one view.

Easily customise exactly what you want to show with a few clicks.


Take charge of your time and prioritise on adding value


Turnaround your initiative and pivot as needed, based on data-backed insights


Achieve targeted change goals through insightful adoption dashboard tracking


Leverage best practice agile change templates that are easily tailored

Change Automator

Tell compelling stories with data

Spearhead stakeholder understanding and buy-in by visually showing them what the changes mean to people

Change Automator

Sense-make stakeholder readiness

Deeply understand stakeholder sentiments through tailored surveys capable of prompting conditional follow-up questions to delve into the ‘why’ of potential resistance.

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