Approaches in deriving a single view of change

Jun 28, 2021 | Portfolio management

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What are the different approaches in deriving a single view of change? And what business impact do they have?

A single view of change is often mentioned as the ‘nirvana’ for change practitioners. Having a clear view of all changes impacting people helps to better plan and execute on the changes.

In our experience there are 3 key approaches:

1) ‘Estimate the pulse’ – A quick and easy way of coming up with a simple heatmap or chart where impacts are estimated overall.  

2) ”Periodic pulse checking’ – Periodic work, usually monthly, in documenting change impacts. Some governance and reporting operating rhythms setup. Some element of charting tools used.

3) ‘Hand on the pulse’ – An operating system where the data capture and analysis is embedded within regular business process. Data is utilised by various parts of governance and business planning routines. Fully digital in sustaining data maturity and insight generation.

Organisations may start out in the first or second approach in building on their change maturity and ability to generate change-related insights.  

However, to reap the required business impact and to support an agile organisation where change is fast and constant, the first approach is best.

To download the infographic table click HERE.

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