Case Study: How a major financial services firm boosted business performance

Sep 14, 2021 | Case studies

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In the beginning, most users of The Change Compass think it’s about using data to inform business understanding and aid decision making. Whilst this is correct, it is much more than this.

A major global financial services provider has within 1 year achieved quite an extraordinary milestone in being able to exert significant influence to build the strategic change capability of the firm. What this means is that the change practice has been able to exert significant influence and enhanced the ability of leaders to make strategic change decisions. Business leaders also now have a much clearer view of their change complexity and the resulting impact on their business capacity and performance.

Think of it as a mini Oracle/SAP/Salesforce rollout. It’s not just about the system, it is about the changes in people, process, governance and capability that helps you achieve significant business performance uplift.

Specifically, there are 4 key areas that the firm has grown to reap the value of The Change Compass.

1. Optimise performance through change portfolio management

2. Powering change governance with change insights

3. Pivoting the change practice

4. Develop strategic change capability

Download our infographic to learn more about what they did to achieve this.

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