Change Portfolio Practices Benchmarking

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The change management profession has grown by leaps and bounds. This is proportional to the speed and magnitude of change that organizations are currently going through. To manage this complexity, a lot of large organizations have created ‘enterprise change management’ or ‘portfolio change management roles’ to tackle this.

Make sure you’re ready for these changes.


Organizations may have a set of practices to manage across these initiatives, versus just focusing on managing each

individual initiative. This may be at a business unit level or across the whole company.


The Change Compass is a digital tool designed to make it easier for the Change Portfolio Manager or the PMO to piece together all the change impacts across change initiatives.



Our goal at The Change Compass is to improve the experience of employees and customers during change. People’s work lives shape who we are and bad change experiences can be traumatic.


With great change experiences, we can change the world.