Company Hierarchy

In this section, the administrator can add, edit or delete the organisation’s divisions, SubDivisions and Teams registered on The Change Compass.

Please beware that changes on any hierarchy levels such as divisions may affect the initiatives that have selected those particular divisions. For example, if you delete the marketing division, all the initiatives with the Marketing divisions the only business unit selected will be left without a division.

To add a company logo simply click on Browse, select the file from your computer and click on Save.

The loading level is divided in the 12 months of the year starting on January (although, the twelve months period will appear on Dashboard starting 2 months previous to the current date). In this section, the administrator will be able to select the amount of initiatives per month that the organisation is able to manage or tolerate. This number will depend on the nature of the organisation, for some, the number of initiatives per month that “X” company is able to handle might be 10, for others it might be 30. Therefore, it is important to understand what is the amount of initiatives (considering their impact level) that the organisation is able to manage alongside of delivering business as usual activities.

Report a Bug
Report A Bug button is located on the bottom right corner on each page.

Once this button is clicked, a pop up will appear for the user to fill out Title, Description, Security Level(Low, Medium and High) and an option to attach a report or file. This will be sent to The Change Compass. It is important to encourage the user to describe in as much detail as possible the scenario, steps taken and a screen shot of any error messages or pages. This will help The Change Compass isolate the bug faster.