Customer Heatmap

This section shows you the ‘hot spots’ of the customers of your organisation for current year or current quarter. Customers as defined by segments or other types as determined by your administrator.

Filters: Use filters to choose targeted Initiatives by selecting Initiative Name, Company Strategies, Type, Owner, Contact, Customer Type, Numbers of Customers, Does customer care, Impact Magnitude or Effect.

Date Range: Select the heatmap By Year or By Quarter. Date range slider helps you to narrow the date range.

Colours: The colours represent a scale from “1” one to “5” four where “5” represents the highest or ‘hottest’.The ‘hottest’ means that there is significant business impact. If you are only interested in the comparative impacts in the heatmap, set ‘Number of initiatives’ to ‘No’.

Numbers: The numbers you see on the table are the number of initiatives for Customer Type on a per week basis.

This will give you an idea of which customer type are being impacted, to what extend, and when that would happen.