The Ultimate Guide
to Agile for
Change Managers


The 12 Principles Of The Agile Manifesto

When the agile ‘godfathers’ got together to come up with agile change principles all those years ago,
they were quite certain that they wanted to focus more on principles than ‘methodology’ per se.


Scrum is probably the most popular agile methodology used by project teams that are implementing agile. It starts with feedback or input from end users or customers on what the need is and the business requirements.


Kanban is a simple agile methodology. It is not time-based, unlike Scrum. Instead, it is based on ordering a set of prioritised activities through the funnel of ‘To do’, ‘Doing’ through to ‘Done’.

Building The Environment For Agile

There are significant opportunities for the change manager to add value in creating the right change environment for agile initiatives to land successfully.


There are plenty of resources available for project managers on the mechanics of agile methodology. However, the same cannot be said for change managers.