How to edit or delete an initiative

  • Go to the ‘Initiatives’ tab by selecting it on the main navigation toolbar.
  • Click on the Initiative you need to edit/delete from the table, this should bring you to the Initiative Report page.
  • You can click on the pencil icon on the right to edit the initiative info, strategies or initiative access.
  • You can save the changes by clicking on ‘Save & Add Impact’, or
  • You can delete the initiative by clicking on ‘Delete Initiative’. Please beware that any initiatives you have deleted may not be retrieved.
  • If you clicked on ‘Save & Add Impact’, it brings you to ‘View/Edit Impact’ page. You can edit the impact by clicking on the pencil icon. Remember to ‘Save Impact’ if you make changes.
  • To edit impacts, click on ‘Save & Add Benefit’. Repeat the same process for editing benefit.
  • Once you finish editing, click on the ‘Save’ button to quit.

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