How to search for an initiative

Go to the ‘Initiatives’ tab by selecting it on the main navigation toolbar.

Number of initiatives per page: The initiatives page shows you a list of maximum 10 initiatives per page.

Search by scrolling and using the navigation page-menu: Scroll down or up the list of initiatives to find an initiative. Below the list there is the “navigation page-menu”; click on the numbers to select the following or previous pages of initiatives. The “<<” and the “>>” buttons will have the previous and the following 10 initiatives (respectively) according to the order selected (by name, type or primary contact of the initiative).

Search using the search box: There are Initiative and Impact search box on top of Initiative page. Search for an initiative by selecting from the list or typing initiative name, owner or contact person, selecting company strategy, division strategy, owner or type. For example, if typing ‘tec’, the system will present you a list of the initiatives that contain ‘tec’ in the name of the initiative (e.g. Technology project), the type of the initiative (e.g. Technology) and/or the primary contact (e.g. Robert Tecoma). Use the impact search box to filter the initiative based on the division/subdivision/team, activity, stakeholder, geography or date.