Planning for change during COVID19

Apr 5, 2020 | Portfolio management

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Is your business re-planning existing initiatives or in the middle of reverting to business continuity plans? 

What is the role of the change practitioner in the midst of coronavirus? In all the chaos and sudden shifts in organizations around the world in response to the implications of the virus comes significant opportunities. The change practitioner can be well-positioned to provide significant value to guide the organization in planning for change. 

Listen to our recorded webinar to gain a broader understanding of…

  • How to help your business re-plan a portfolio of changes
  • How to ensure that your project’s timeline fits in with business changes
  • Helping your project to deploy and maneuver around limited business capacityTweaking your change approach when everyone is working from home
  • Engaging various stakeholder groups during these times
  • Plan for change scenarios to anticipate impacts from coronavirus on your organization

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