Responsibilities in setting up the tool for the company

It is necessary to understand the current company hierarchy including divisions, subdivisions and teams of the organisation and how they can be represented in The Change Compass.  It is important to note that this is not about creating the organisational chart (which can be too complicated and confusing for users).  The goal of setting up the hierarchy is to identify key business groups that need focus in terms of change capacity, and specify which parts of the business they fall under.  Trying to capture every team and group within the organisation will lead to significant complexity for users.  The goal is to keep everything as simple as possible.

The administrator will determine the stakeholder groups that are impacted by initiatives. It is the Administrator who will determine the most appropriate types and names of stakeholders  so that users can understand exactly what they refer to. Similarly, the Administrator will create fields for the different customer segments or types that can be impacted by the initiatives of the organisation.

Furthermore, it is responsibility of the administrator to create appropriate user accounts for the company’s users to create or edit initiatives.