Selected Initiative Details

A table to the right shows selected initiative names, start date, end date, impact level, impacted hours and impact name. Select by clicking one bar of the graph and this initiative table will show the list of initiatives for that given week. To de-select simply click the selected bar again.

Stakeholder Chart

This section will give you an idea of which stakeholder groups are being or will be impacted by initiatives, as expressed by percentage, as well as how many initiatives are impacting them.

2 groups of filters are build to helping selecting impacts. First group is initiative filters, including initiative, company strategy, owner, types and contact. Second group is impact filters, including division, sub division, team, geography, stakeholder and date range.

Please read the following explanations of the graph:

In the “x” axis (horizontal line)you can see the months in 12 months period starting with the 2 months previous to the current date (e.g. If the dashboard is visited in December, the months showed will start in October).
In the “y” axis (vertical line)it shows the percentage of impact among stakeholders. Mouse over the bar will show current date range, stakeholder name, number of initiatives affecting the stakeholders.
The colours of the bars represent the different types of stakeholder groups impacted during each (each bar)
On the right side of the page, is the Selected Initiative Details table. This table shows selected initiative names, start date, end date, impact level, impacted name and stakeholder name.

Overview of the Administrator role

The person designated as the administrator must have a good understanding of key business units within the organisation. This person will be responsible for setting up the tool for the organisation and to continuously review and manage the information currency, accounts and permissions.