Turn change data into actionable insights

Sep 1, 2020 | Change Measurement

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Change Data

Change Data – Have you ever wanted to influence business decision making? Do you ever feel that your gut is telling you something quite compelling but you’re not able to influence your stakeholders?

Data is king. With data you will be able to influence key decision makers and be at the business decision making table.

There are a few steps involved in this. Data is data. The trick is to turn data into meaningful information. A way to do this is through data visualisation. With the right visualisation data can be extremely powerful and allows you to see what the story is. Different aspects of data visualisation provides you the tools to tell a compelling change story about what is going to happen.

You need to approach data with a hypothesis and through analysis generate insights and therefore recommendations.

From a change management perspective, organizations are overflowing with data that are waiting for assessment. Other change data, including risk, is spread out across shared drives from teams, systems, and specific computers.

Different aspects of data are all highly valuable in its own right.  However, they are rather useless unless there are systems and processes in place to capture and analyze it. Democratizing the use of data in the organization make tactical, operational, and strategic decisions based on the information. 

Your change management function is part of that – is a change project in its own right. And change management can help predict the success or failure of the initiative if done correctly in a data-driven way.

Change data will then need to be considered with other business data and considerations in a holistic decision making process by senior managers or the PMO.

To understand further, we you can check out this infographic on how data can be transformed into actionable insights. Click on the link below to download the infographic:


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