The Settings > users section shows you a list of the existing user accounts through a six columns table, listing the users’ First Name, Last Name, email address, role(user/admin), division and last activity. You can click on the user to edit information or disable notifications from the tool. You can also delete a user.

Adding a new user account

Click on ‘Add New User’ on top right corner of the page to add a user, a ‘Add a new user’ form will pop up where you can fill out the user details:

  • The First Name
  • The Last Name
  • Email -Notifications will be sent to this email address
  • Division

IMPORTANT: This will determine the level of access the user will have across the divisions of the organisation. For example, a user that belongs to the Marketing division will only be able to view initiatives and reports related to the marketing division.  We recommend that you don’t use this feature and allow users to access data cross all divisions.

  • SubDivision

If selected a division, you may select a SubDivision for this user. This is not a mandatory field.

  • Team

If selected a SubDivision, you may select a Team for this user. This is not a mandatory field.

  • Role

Select between administrator and user roles If administrator is selected, this will allow the user to edit the ‘Users’ and the ‘Company Settings’ sections. It is recommended that only the actual designated administrators have such access.  It is good practice to keep as few administrators as possible.  However, if you have a large number of users you have want to designate an administrator for every division.

  • Disable notifications

If selected, the user will not receive notifications from The Change Compass. It is recommended to leave this option ‘unchecked’ to keep the users updated. As an example, if there have not been updates within 4 weeks, the system prompts the user every 4 weeks through email to update the initiative. Notifications help users to keep track of their initiatives and what is happening in their relevant divisions.

  • Password and Confirm password

Once you have filled out the form please click on “Save” and the account will be automatically created.

You can also search users by typing a word or part of a word on the search box and clicking submit or pressing enter.