When should an initiative be entered

An initiative should be entered into The Change Compass if it has at least minimal change impact as defined by the organization. If you have Administrator access you can edit this under Settings > Field Setup > Employee Impact > Level or Settings > Field Setup > Other Impact > Customer Impact Level . For example, if the lowest change impact level is that the user needs to attend a minimum of 2 meetings and read several emails, then any change impact below this threshold may not need to be entered.

Please also note that The Change Compass is focused on people and customer impacts primarily. However, you may also capture process and system impacts. For example, if a change impact is a purely backend system update with no changes for the employee or the customer whatsoever, then the initiative may be captured as a system impact.

Timing-wise, an initiative should be entered into the system as soon as the initiative is known. This could be in the business case or high level scoping stage. Later on, when there is some understanding of the nature of the high level initiative impact then specific impacts may then be entered. As the initiative progresses and detailed impacts are better understood, then updates may be required. With agile projects, there may be regular changes, so regular updates are critical to ensure data accuracy.

For initiatives with minimal impact, employees attending a few meetings and reading a few emails may suffice. However, for larger initiatives with greater impact, workshops, training and a series of meetings may be required.

Change also impacts customers. If there is a change in how the customer understands or interacts with the organization or its products or services, then the initiative has a change impact.