10 signs that you’re a seasoned change manager

Aug 23, 2021 | Change Initiatives

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You know the drill …. having been around the blocks and worked on many projects you’ve seen these many times over. Change managers often go through similar experiences as we progress through each phase of the project.

What has been your experiences across the various project that you’ve worked on? What are some of these typical ‘defining moments’ for change managers?

These are 10 signs that you’ve been around long enough to see as a change manager 🙂

1. The project brings you in after the project approach has already been set and you are supposed to ‘fix’ bad stakeholder engagement

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2. Your project team and/or stakeholders give you funny looks when you start talking about change activities other than comms and training

The Look Judging You GIF by MOODMAN

3. You constantly feel like you’re the go-between with the project and the difficult stakeholders

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4. You dread having to manually fill in rows and rows of xls data about who’s who in your stakeholder matrix and detailed change impact assessment

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5. Corporate comms persistently changes most of the messages you’ve written for project comms and you just want to tear your hair out because the content becomes incorrect

Bad Hair Day Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

6. You sit in project update meetings where everyone goes through data points such as defects and performance updates, and you feel inadequate not using hard data all the time, or you get skipped entirely in the round-robin

Reese Witherspoon What Like Its Hard GIF

7. You feel that you’re often the ‘dumming down’ translator who needs to constantly translate project messages for 5-year-olds otherwise you get confused responses

Awkward New Kid GIF

8. You find it a struggle to get time with your project sponsor, and he/she ends up delegating meeting attendance most of the time.  You wonder why they’re the sponsor in the first place

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9. You suddenly find out that there are other project changes that impact your stakeholders very late in the picture and it’s a scramble to ensure your project remains the key focus

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10. You have nightmares about dealing with a difficult stakeholder who is showing all the signs of resistance and is blocking everything you’ve planned

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