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The ultimate guide to Agile for change managers

So agile is all the rage at the moment.  Most organizations are implementing some form of agile methodology in how they manage initiatives, anywhere from the waterfall project methodology on one extreme end through to the pure agile project methodology on the other end. Yes, we know that agile may not be for every organization.  Projects where the output of the change is known clearly upfront and where requirements won’t change much throughout the project may not benefit from an agile approach.  On the other hand, those projects where the end design is not known, where innovation would be valued, would definitely benefit from an agile approach.

The Ultimate guide to measuring change

A lot of change practitioners are extremely comfortable with saying that change management is about attitudes, behaviours, and feelings and therefore we cannot measure them. This metaphor that change management is ‘soft’ extends into areas such as leadership and employee engagement whereby it may not be easy to measure and track things. However, is it really that because something is harder to me

7 Change Portfolio Management best practices

Managing a set of change initiatives through a portfolio management approach is relatively new for some organizations.  This approach is drawn from the portfolio project management approach by dividing a set of initiatives into different groups.  This then becomes more manageable from a workload perspective.

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