Using TCC to improve change maturity
Using The Change Compass to improve change maturity

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There are 5 major focus areas to improve change maturity.

1.  Strategic change leadership.

Strategic change leadership is about how leaders of the organisation demonstrate personal responsibility, accountability and are able to rally the organisation around the change.

The Change Compass allows leaders visualise the impacts of change across the whole organisation.  This includes the change impacts on business performance and capacity.

2.  Business change readiness.

Business operations need to have a view of what change is coming down the pipeline and be able to influence the prioritisation and sequencing of changes being rolled out.

Data from The Change Compass helps business operations to manage operational challenges whilst delivering the change.

3.  Project change management

This is about the changes being delivered within each project.  Each change delivery needs to be considered and planned as a part of the overall change landscape and not in isolation.

The Change Compass helps stakeholders to visualise what each project is delivering and how this compared to other projects.

4.  Change capability

Delivering change capability through experiencing each change can become a competitive advantage for organisations.

With visible data from The Change Compass, this is like having a step counter attached to the wrist.  Suddenly, the business has a visible and measurable way to see changes being delivered.

This leads to focus, experimentation and continous improvement.  All of these act to drive overall change maturity and business performance.


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